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Modern Kitchen Designers Thrissur

Kitchen Interior Designers

1000 Kitchens is specialized in outstanding modular kitchen services. Our modular kitchen interior services are extensively admired for trendy designs. Our products posses rich look and feel, and we are unrivaled in the market. Points for consideration when designing a kitchen.

Proximity and Functionality

Storage solutions is a key factor in an efficient kitchen. Best practice is to store things closest to the place where they will be used. F example oil; You need every time you cooking at the stove– so store it somewhere close by. Prioritize functionality over aesthetics in the case of kitchen design.

Easy to Clean Materials

Dirty kitchen is not a pretty sight. Some materials are harder to clean than others. As far as possible, try to use stainless steel, natural or reconstituted stone etc. especially around the sink and food preparation area. Remember the saying cleanliness is near to Godliness.

Safety and Accessibility

Kitchens have fair share of hazards for children. Heat and knives. Knives should be kept bit higher up so that kids cannot easily access them. Allow some safe space for kids for preparing their own food. Moreover, power plug points to be covered, wires should be tied and kept safe for electrical safety.

Best Interior Designers Thrissur
Best Interior Designs Thrissur


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